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Soluroc design and manufactures materials known for their wear and impact resistance in order to protect production equipment in the industrial sector.

High chrome
white iron

High chrome white iron (ASTM A532 Cl ll B) offers a versatile option for wear protection in high abrasive applications.

The alloy is fully heat treatable and can reach the highest hardness and abrasion resistance. In order to combat the fracture toughness of the heat treated part, it can be laminated to a steel backer plate. This technology increases the impact resistance of the casting as well as prevents it from fracturing.

The laminated product can be mechanically installed by welding or bolting to the required application to be protected.

More resistant than hardened steels, high chrome white iron can be cast into thick parts and is one of the best abrasion resistant materials known today.

Chrome Carbide Overlay

Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) liners are ideal to combat wear on applications without major impacts exposed to fine and medium particles.

They have the advantage of being light, thin and available in large plates that can be shaped and assembled into complex structures.
The wear resistant matrix containing a high density of carbides is welded onto a steel substrate, resulting in a wear resistant and resilient structure.

The thickness of the carbide deposit as well as the steel substrate can be easily modified as can the type of carbides formed in order to provide a customized solution for each application.


Rubber is a unique material that has the ability to deform under impact and then return to its original shape afterwards. This memory capability allows it to absorb energy, resist cuts and have strong resistance to abrasive wear. Rubber induces a tipping or tumbling movement to particles that come into contact with its deformable surface.

These properties make it ideal for use in high impact applications to maintain structural integrity, reduce noise levels and prevent wear.

Rubber can be vulcanized onto a metal backing which is used to mechanically mount the assembly by bolting.

These rubber and metal wear and protection parts are produced in the required thickness and shape according to the specific needs of the equipment.


Aluminum oxide ceramics or Alumina (AL2 O3) are extremely resistant to abrasion from all types of fine particles.

They are therefore the material of choice for wear protection in low impact applications that are exposed to a large volume of fine abrasive particles, either dry or in solution.

Available in a variety of sizes, ceramics can be molded into a rubber matrix by vulcanization and the assembly includes a steel backing sheet to create wear plates that can be mechanically installed on a structure.

The rubber thus acts as a binder to join small ceramics into large plates and also provides a deformability to the assembly, which helps to reduce the fragility of the ceramics to impact.

These ceramic/rubber protection plates are therefore ideal for various types of dry material chutes or abrasive solution tanks.

Combination of materials

Soluroc can create a unique wear solution for each single application by combining several materials.

High chrome white iron, chrome carbide overlay, ceramics and rubber can be used separately, but also combined into the same part.

Using rubber as a binder, it is possible to combine inserts of Abreco, Steelguard or ceramics or ceramic pieces.

These inserts of additional materials are bonded to the rubber during the vulcanization process by an extremely strong sublimated bond, allowing the unique properties of each material to be combined in the final wear part.

Impact and abrasion resistance as well as energy absorption can therefore be controlled as required for the same set of wear plates.