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United teams and accessible managers

At Soluroc, we believe it's people who count.
By communicating openly and honestly while giving everyone the tools they need to succeed, we create a stimulating and respectful environment for our team members.
It's the strength of our team that propels us to be the leaders in abrasion resistent SOLUTIONS for primary and industrial industries in North America.



At Soluroc, teamwork is valued. We rely on each other to ensure that our work is second to none.


Soluroc is always listening to its team to perfect its methods and meet the needs of its employees.


Soluroc values innovation within its team and keeps an ear to the ground for innovative ideas.

Our guiding principles

  • THE CUSTOMER as if it were us
  • LISTENING our way of being
  • IN SOLUTION MODE our attitude
  • ALWAYS DO BETTER we think continuous improvement
  • BUILDING AS A TEAM determination and leadership

The Soluroc experience

  • Knowing that TRUST is at the heart of everything we do.
  • LISTEN to ourselves, our team members, our customers and our suppliers.
  • Aim for 100% SATISFIED customers, nothing less.
  • Realize that we are all HUMANS: treat our customers as if they were us.
  • Guarantee fast, open and personalized COMMUNICATION to customers.
  • Have the best DELIVERY times in the industry.
  • Provide a SIMPLE experience for our customer at every level.
  • Give total HONESTY on our prices and our challenges to meet needs.

Our day-to-day work is guided by a set of values that we define as the Soluroc experience, where the customer and their needs are at the heart of our actions and decisions.

How we do it

  • Communicating openly and honestly
  • Having the courage to do what’s right, not just what feels right
  • By providing a safe environment in which to make mistakes without judgment
  • Tracking real data to drive continuous improvement
  • Giving each person the space to achieve their full potential
  • Giving everyone the tools they need to succeed
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Our mission

To be the leader in wear parts and wear solutions for the mining and industrial sectors.

Working conditions and benefits

Group insurance plan

Comprehensive group insurance plan. Salary and health insurance.

On-site training

Training of all our technological tools, machinery and other equipment for plant and office employees.

Flexible working hours

We can set up a schedule to suit you.

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Soluroc is always on the lookout for new talent
to perfect its industrial protection solutions.

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