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For more than 70 years, Waterloo Foundry’s team of experts has specialized in assisting its customers with the subcontract manufacturing of all types of customized cast iron products.

Based on your concept, drawing or sample, we advise you on the type of cast iron to use and then manufacture your custom cast parts through short local manufacturing channels offering very short lead times.

The entire manufacturing process of your parts is carried out locally at our factory by our experts:

  • Design and manufacture of the molding pattern
  • Molding
  • Melting and casting
  • Quality control with spectrograph and microscope
  • Finishing and shipping

We can offer you support for your projects in a wide variety of cast iron types from the following categories:

  • High chrome white iron
  • Grey iron
  • Ductile iron
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Products and solutions


Integrated manufacturing service

We offer you a complete support service in the realization of your projects of custom-made castings:

  • Choice of the right material
  • Pattern making
  • Molding
  • Finishing
  • Very interesting manufacturing lead times because the entire project is carried out on-site.


Our laboratory is equipped with a spectrograph and a microscope in order to identify the chemical composition of the alloys and the grain size. This equipment allows us to determine the type of iron used in your samples or to control the quality of the alloys during the manufacturing process.


High chrome white iron

Recognized for its excellent resistance to abrasion, the high chrome white iron we produce meets ASTM A532 standards and is made of a high-alloy, high-density matrix of chrome + molybdenum carbides.

This white iron is ideal for the manufacture of abrasion-resistant wear parts found in the mining and aggregate industries, asphalt plants and snow removal.


Ductile Iron

Also known as spheroidal graphite cast iron or nodular cast iron, it exhibits mechanical properties comparable to certain types of steel.

More economical than steel and stronger than grey iron, ductile iron can be cast into complex shapes for the manufacture of parts requiring the following properties:

  • Good resistance to breakage
  • Excellent elongation
  • High elasticity level
  • Good shock resistance
  • Resistance to cracking
  • Good resistance to compression and fatigue
  • Excellent machinability

We produce ductile cast iron according to:

ASTM A95, ASTM A439, ASTM A476 and ASTM A536 standards.


Grey iron

Grey iron with lamellar graphite is more economical to produce than other cast iron alloys and is very easy to machine.

It is also very easy to mold and offers good resistance to compression and fatigue.

We produce gray iron according to:

ASTM A48, ASTM A278, ASTM A126, ASTM A319, ASTM A159 and ASTM A436 standards

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