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Strong from 40 years of experience in subcontract manufacturing, the BCI team specializes in molding of industrial vulcanized rubber parts and in CNC machining supporting OEM customers of all industries

We offer a 100% Canadian short manufacturing circuit  service, which allows for short production lead times and expert manufacturing support from our molding and machining experts throughout the entire implementation process of your project.

Based on your drawings, samples or concepts, our team will work with your design team to suggest the best final solution that meets your specific needs.

We will advise you on the choice of materials, the most economical manufacturing method and help you optimize the design and performance of the part.

Bring us your challenges!

BCI Advantages

  • Accompaniment of your team for the design and the choice of the elastomer compound.
  • We support your team in the conception, the design, and the choice of the elastomer compound
  • We have access to a multitude of rubber and silicone compounds to choose the best material based on the functionality of the final part.
  • Very short manufacturing lead times for the realization of a new part project
  • Manufacturing in Canada through short manufacturing channels and rigorous quality control
  • ISO factory processes

Rubber and silicone parts molding

The art of molding rubber and silicone parts has no secrets for the BCI team.

Over decades, we have developed an in-depth expertise in press molding with transfer and compression molds using a multitude of different elastomeric compounds.

At our plant in La Guadeloupe, Quebec, we operate more than 700 proprietary molds on more than 50 presses of various sizes, including several very large ones.

We can therefore accompany you in the materialization of your OEM-proprietary part concepts of all formats and then ensure mass production according to the needs and requirements of your plant.

We are proud to be able to offer you short production lead times because we work through short manufacturing channels for the sourcing of elastomeric compounds, the design and machining of molds as well as the manufacturing of all types of components to be molded into the parts.

For each of your projects, we will advise you on the best type of rubber or silicone to use according to the nature of the functions your part will have to perform.

CNC machining

The BCI team provides you with a complete solution for your CNC machining needs on small and medium size turned or milled parts. We work based on your drawing or sample and put our know-how as well as our machinery at your disposal to manufacture your parts as a subcontractor.

We will be able to satisfy your needs given the deep expertise of our team members combined with the decades of experience of our company as a machining subcontractor.

machining equipment

Machining centers:

One Matsuura H.Plus-405 horizontal machining center

  • Two tables with X=26”, Y=26”, Z=26” machining capacity
  • Taper Cat40 Big-Plus, 12,000 RPM

One Hurco 5-axis vertical machining center

  • X=60”, Y=30”, Z=20” capacityEquipped with 20” diameter integrated rotary table

Two 3-axis vertical machining centers

  • X=40”, Y=20”, Z=20” capacity
  • Including one machining center equipped with a 4th axis Chuck 8”.

One Matsuura VX-1000 3-axis vertical machining center

  • Capacity X=24”, Y=40”, Z=24”
  • Cat40 Big-Plus Taper, 12,000 RPM


One 2-axis CNC lathe

  • Capacity 12” ( between centers ) X 12” diameter
  • 2” spindle capacity
  • Parts recuperator

One 4-axis CNC lathe

  • Capacity 50” ( between centers ) X 21” diameter
  • 3” spindle capacity
  • 4th axis capacity : X=14”, Y=3,94”, Z=50”

One Nakamura WT-15011 4-axis CNC lathe

  • Spindle capacity 2-1/2
  • Twin spindle, twin turet, bar feeder


We support equipment manufacturers and production plants in many fields.



Food production
Bulk handling equipment


Snow removal equipment


Slaughterhouses for pigs and chickens


Sorting center equipment for recyclable materials


Horticultural production equipment


Snow surfacing equipment


Crushing equipment


Agricultural equipment


Park furniture


Tracked vehicles
Ski lifts
Forestry equipment
School transport vehicles


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