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The Abreco product line offers unparalleled impact and abrasion resistant performance to solve wear problems in the most demanding industrial applications.

Serving the primary industry for over 40 years, Abreco products are available in multiple formats and thicknesses, which can be used alone or combined into complex wear systems.

In addition to offering reputable and tested products, Abreco is also a team of application experts and metallurgists who will listen to you, analyze your needs and develop a customized solution through a consultative approach.

From on-site wear analysis, solution design and manufacturing, to installation advice, our team will work with you in a personalized approach to optimize your operating costs.

Why high chrome white iron?

Abreco’s wear resistant products use the extreme abrasion resistant properties of high chrome white iron (A532 Cl ll) with a high alloy, high density chrome + molybdenum carbide matrix and a hardness of 700 Brinell or 64 Rockwell C.

This high wear resistance high chrome white iron is then diffusion bonded to a mild steel substrate to create a laminated product that offers high resilience and excellent impact resistance.

Abreco can thus be mounted on structures by welding or bolting for ease of assembly.

Our Abreco products are manufactured with industry leading lead times in our Canadian manufacturing operations. All aspects of the manufacturing process, from foundry to lamination and fabrication are completed under our operations team.

Products and solutions


Abreco Wear products®

Abreco Plate laminated products offer the best wear performance option on the market due to the quality of the materials used in their manufacture and the very strict control of the manufacturing process.

Their wear resistance performance is several times better than AR type hardened steels and their installation is very simple, as they can be both welded and bolted.

Manufactured locally in Canada, they are available rapidly, in various standard sizes, from our large inventory.

  • Chok Bars
  • Abreco strips
  • Dome buttons
  • Octagonal buttons
  • Skid bars – rectangular
  • Skid bars – herringbone
  • Blocks
  • Bolt protectors
  • Grizzly caps
  • Plates
  • Bars

Abreco Wear systems®

An Abreco wear system is an engineered wear protection solution built on decades of knowledge of materials and application expertise to meet the specific needs of your industrial application.

Following an initial consultation at your site, we design and manufacture a custom, ready-to-install solution that takes into account the wear and impact profiles of each area of the chute.

The Abreco system thereby helps to minimize your operating costs, reduce repair costs and downtime.

Once installed, we monitor wear performance with you and are on hand to optimize the solution over time through various iterations.

  • Apron feeders
  • Transfer points
  • Discharge chutes
  • Hoppers
  • Skips

Abreco Pipe®

Abreco pipes also use a very wear-resistant high chrome white iron matrix that is combined with a steel pipe for a unique, resilient and highly abrasion-resistant product.

Abreco bi-metallic pipes are manufactured by centrifugal casting of the high chrome white iron layer, ensuring a perfect homogeneity of its thickness.

They are available in straight, curved, elbow and joint sections in diameters from 4 to 48 and are supplied ready to install with the type of flange required by the customer.

Designed for your highly abrasive slurry conveying applications, they will help you minimize your production costs due to their long service life.


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