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Steelguard : 2D Wear Plates

Steelguard 2D wear plates are custom-made for your specific needs. First, we consult with you to identify the wear problems of your application in relation to the specific nature of your operations.

We evaluate the wear rates, the type of materials creating the wear, the sliding, or impact angles and any other factor influencing the durability of the wear plate. Then we target the best type of Steelguard overlay to use and its thickness.

Next, we determine the mounting method and the location of the bolts and/or countersunk holes. Based on this information, we custom build the liners based on carbide overlay type, overlay thickness, shape, mounting type and bolt location to provide you with a unique, ready-to-install solution.


2D Steelguard Wear Plates

  • Unique solution, 100% customized to your needs
  • Several Steelguard overlay options to choose from for different applications: Steelguard Chrome, Complex, Tungsten, Titanium, Super Slide
  • Numerous carbide overlay thickness options ranging from 1/8 to 1/2
  • Custom shaped liners specific to your needs ready to be installed.
  • Very reasonable production lead times, as all manufacturing steps are performed under one roof in our Canadian plant