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Flexarmor : Tank liners

Flexarmor rubber tank liners are custom designed to protect various types of tanks. Mechanically assembled by bolting, they assemble quickly and can be installed over a worn liner or on a new structure. Their simple installation can therefore be done by a general contractor or maintenance employees. They are more durable and economical than traditional bonded liners and require no sandblasting, autoclaving or steaming.

Flexarmor solutions are applicable to cyclone underflow tanks, vertical process tanks, flotation tanks, pump boxes, and mill underflow tanks.

In addition to the superior anti-abrasion properties of our proprietary rubber compounds, aluminum oxide ceramic pellets can be surface-molded on certain very high abrasion areas of the surfaces to be protected. Because ceramic pellets are the most abrasion resistant material for abrasive slurry, they enhance the overall performance of the Flexarmor liner.


  • Installs over an existing worn liner without surface preparation.
  • Superior rubber thickness and durability compared to bonded liners.
  • Possibility of molding ceramic pellets on some very high abrasion surfaces.
  • Quick bolt-on installation minimizes maintenance shutdown time.
  • Flexarmor rubber compound offers superior abrasion resistance compared to other rubbers.