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Flexarmor : Rubber mill liners

Flexarmor rubber mill liners offer superior wear resistance because they are made with a proprietary, premium-quality rubber compound. Available in all-rubber or Poly-Met styles with HT steel or cast iron inserts, Flexarmor liners, manufactured in our Canadian plant in La Guadeloupe, Quebec, are available in short manufacturing lead times. Avoid long sourcing lead times and complex transportation logistics by using liners manufactured in Canada through short manufacturing channels.

Our Flexarmor rubber mill liners are manufactured with specially developed elastomeric compounds to maximize wear and cut resistance. Their wear performance can also be optimized on certain surfaces by the addition of metal inserts of various styles. Test results show that our mill liners, in addition to offering superior dimensional accuracy, have a wear life that favorably compares to other manufacturers’ parts.

We can offer you high-performance head plates, shell plates and lifter bars manufactured through short manufacturing channels in a timely manner. And we respect our manufacturing lead times.


  • The rubber compounds we use offer superior abrasion resistance compared to standard rubber compounds on the market.
  • Short manufacturing lead times to minimize warehouse inventories
  • Can be custom designed and produced in small batches for process improvement testing and validation.
  • High quality finish for ease of installation and good fit