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Steelguard : 3D assembly manufacturing

For more than 40 years, our team of expert welders and folding press operators have become masters in the original manufacturing and rebuild of three-dimensional wear parts.

  •  We offer you 3D wear parts that are either folded or formed into a curve to fit the shape of your equipment.
  • We also offer expert manufacturing and rebuilt services on complex 3D assemblies such as buckets, collector vessels, chutes and piping.

For such projects, we use the different Steelguard product options by choosing the most adequate carbide overlay type and the required thickness to protect each surface of the assembly in the best possible way.

The carbide overlay liners are then cut, formed and welded to the structure to form a complete and uniform carbide overlay protection.


Steelguard 3D assembly manufacturing

  • Carbide overlay wear plate manufacturing, cutting, bending/forming and welding of final assembly through short manufacturing channels, under one roof, at our Canadian facility
  • Manufacturing of new assemblies, lining of customer-supplied structures or refurbishment of worn liners
  • Wide range of options to choose from in carbide overlay type, overlay thickness and backing plate thickness.